Data Science Masterclass 2021 Build 30 Real World Projects
Last Update: 10/2021
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Learn To Build & Deploy AI, DL, DS, Machine Learning, Web Apps With Python Projects (Flask, Django, Heruko Cloud Course)
What you’ll learn:
Build Data Science Models
To know what problems Machine Learning can solve, and how the Machine Learning Process works.
The Impacts Machine Learning and Data Science is having on society.
Deployment Of Data Science Applications
Data Science Practical Applications
Why They Need To Learn Data Science

Knowledge Of Data Science

Data science is centered on building, cleaning, and organizing datasets. Data scientists create and leverage algorithms, statistical models, and their own custom analyses to collect and shape raw data into something that can be more easily understood.
Data scientists lay the groundwork for all of the analyses an organization performs. They do this by performing key functions, including:
Data wrangling: The process of cleaning and organizing data to be more readily used.
Statistical modeling: The process of running data through different models—such as regression, classification, and clustering models, among others—to identify relationships between variables and gain insight from the numbers.
Programming: The process of writing computer programs and algorithms in a variety of languages—such as R, Python, and SQL—that can be used to analyze large datasets more efficiently than through manual analysis.
Solve Business Problems Using Data Science Practically. Learn To Build & Deploy Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science , Auto Ml, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Web Applications Projects With Python (Flask, Django, Heruko, Streamlit Cloud).

How much does a Data Scientist make in the United States?
The national average salary for a Data Scientist is US$1,20,718 per year in the United States, 2.8k salaries reported, updated on July 15, 2021 (source: glassdoor)

Salaries by Company, Role, Average Base Salary in (USD)
Facebook Data Scientist makes US$1,36,000/yr. Analyzed from 1,014 salaries.
Amazon Data Scientist makes US$1,25,704/yr. Analyzed from 307 salaries.
Apple Data Scientist makes US$1,53,885/yr. Analyzed from 147 salaries.
Google Data Scientist makes US$1,48,316/yr. Analyzed from 252 salaries.
Quora, Inc. Data Scientist makes US$1,22,875/yr. Analyzed from 509 salaries.
Oracle Data Scientist makes US$1,48,396/yr. Analyzed from 458 salaries.
IBM Data Scientist makes US$1,32,662/yr. Analyzed from 388 salaries.
Microsoft Data Scientist makes US$1,33,810/yr. Analyzed from 205 salaries.
Walmart Data Scientist makes US$1,08,937/yr. Analyzed 187 salaries.
Cisco Systems Data Scientist makes US$1,57,228/yr. Analyzed from 184 salaries.
Uber Data Scientist makes US$1,43,661/yr. Analyzed from 151 salaries.
Intel Corporation Data Scientist makes US$1,25,930/yr. Analyzed from 131 salaries.
Airbnb Data Scientist makes US$1,80,569/yr. Analyzed from 122 salaries.
Adobe Data Scientist makes US$1,39,074/yr. Analyzed from 109 salaries.

In This Course, We Are Going To Work On 30 Real World Projects Listed Below:

Project-1 Pan Card Tempering Detector App (With Deployment)
Project-2 Dog breed prediction Flask App
Project-3 Image Watermarking App (With Deployment)
Project-4 Traffic sign classification
Project-5 Text Extraction From Images App
Project-6 Plant Disease Prediction App (With Deployment)
Project-7 Counting & Detecting Vehicles Flask App
Project-8 Face Swapping Deep Learning Application
Project-9 Bird Species Prediction App
Project-10 Intel Image Classification App

Project-11 Sentiment Analysis App (With Deployment)
Project-12 Attrition Rate Django App
Project-13 Pokemon Dataset App (With Deployment)
Project-14 Face Detection App Streamlit
Project-15 Cats Vs Dogs Classification App
Project-16 Customer Revenue Prediction App (With Deployment)
Project-17 Gender From Voice Prediction App
Project-18 Restaurant Recommendation System
Project-19 Happiness Ranking App
Project-20 Forest Fire Prediction App

Project-21 Black Friday Sale Prediction
Project-22 Sentiment Analysis Using Natural Language Processing
Project-23 Parkinson Syndrome Prediction
Project-24 Fake News Classifier Using NLP
Project-25 Toxic Comment Classifier Using NLP
Project-26 Movie Ratings Prediction (IMDB) Using NLP
Project-27 Air Quality Prediction
Project-28 Covid-19 Case Analysis
Project-29 Customer Churning Prediction
Project-30 Building A Chatbot Application (NLP)

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Who this course is for:
Beginners In Data Science







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