Photoshop tutorialBasic teaching

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Basic teaching

What you’ll learn:
Master more photoshop skills
Photoshop 2021cc application basics
Flexible use of brushes, layers, filters, selection, and repair tools to post-make photos
Master the core functions of Photoshop animation, actions, channels, and masks

No need for photoshop experience, this is photoshop basic course

Photoshop basic teaching!Photoshop mainly deals with digital images composed of pixels. Using its numerous editing and drawing tools, you can more effectively edit pictures. The unique history record floating window and editable layer effect function allow users to conveniently test the effect. The support for various filters also enables users to easily create various fantasy effects.Photoshop has entered our lives, some tips are very useful!Here you can learn the basic functions of Photoshop, whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, it is suitable for learning our courses!Don’t hurry up and learn the functions of Photoshop with us, you will see a different version of yourself!

1.photoshop version, interface, opening method

2.Color principle and picture clarity

3.Move tools and free transformation

4.Basic Cutout

5.Selection modification and application

6.Complicated cutout, select and extract

7. features, sky and frame


9.Shape tool

10.Fill in the selection

11.Eraser and Cutout

12.Text tool

13.Text application


15.Layer style (top)

16.Layer style (below)

17.Mixed mode

18.Eyedropper and stain repair brush

19.Brush and color replacement

20.Gradient colors and touch-up brushes

21.Mask, Clipping Mask, Quick Mask

22.Exposure and brightness

23.Color adjustment

24.Image adjustment layer

25.Liquefaction filter

26.Filter (top)

27.Filter (below)

28.Post-photographic filters

29.Neural Network AI Filter

30.3D model creation

31.3D appearance adjustment

32.3D text and other models

Who this course is for
Anyone who is interested in photoshop can learn







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