Solid Works Training Module as Per ASME Standards

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Sketching, Part Modelling, Assembling and Drafting as per Asme Standards

What you’ll learn
Solid Works
Part Modelling

Course Has been created to provide the CAD knowledge in the Industrial Level, This course has been created exactly how the industry projects will be executed to produce Quality products to the Clients.

I am sure after taking this course with proper practice with the material provided in the course the students can execute the Operations as per the industry needs.

While Explaining the Part Modelling and Drafting Manufacturing methods has been explained clearly and how a designer should adopt his design methods according to the manufacturer needs.

Apart from the Design for manufacturing and design for assembly this method of Designing can be followed to produce even automation works also.




Mouse Controls

Different Sketch Profiles

Copy of the sketch

Patterns of the Sketch



Trim Command

Notes Creation

Sketch Practice

Part Design

Method of Design for Manufacturing

Extruded Boss and Extruded Cut

Revolved Boss

Revolved Cut

Sweep Boss

Sweep Cut

Lofted Boss

Lofted Cut

Boundary Boss

Boundary Cut

General Hole creation Method

Threaded Holes

External Threads

Fillet and Chamfers

Types of Fillet and Chamfer

Pattern and its Types

Linear Pattern

Circular Pattern

Sketch Driven Pattern

Rib Supports

Draft Modelling

Thin or Thick Shell

Mirror of the Features

Different type of Plane Creation Methods

Helix and Spiral Curves

Different Configurations

Part Modelling Practice

Design Table for Multiple Configurations

Part model Comparison at Different Revisions


Introduction to Assembly

Base Component Import

Fixing the Base Component

Child component Assembly method

Using Different constrains

Different Patterns in Assembly

Linear Pattern in Assembly

Circular Pattern in Assembly

Copy of Child Components

Bill of Materials

Hiding a component

Making a Component Transparent

Configurations in Assembly

Exploded View in Assembly

Exploded Line Sketch in Assembly

Assembly Features

Assembly Practice


Introduction To Drafting

Selecting Sheet Its Size and Sheet Standards

Choosing the Model to Details

Standard Views Creation Methods

Model Views/ Custom Views

Section Views

Detail Views

Broken View

Broken Out View

Crop View

Auxiliary View

Smart Dimensions

Dimension Types

Base Line Dimension

Chain Dimension

Ordinate Dimension

Model Dimension

Notes and Spell Check

Surface Finish

Hole Call Out

GD&T and Datum Features

Center Mark & Center Line

Blocks and Hatching

Revision Symbols and Tables

Assembly Drafting


Weld Symbols

Drafting Practice

Quality Checking

Drawings Comparison at Different Revisions

Who this course is for:
Mechanical Engineers
Aerospace Engineers
Production Engineers
Automotive Engineers







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