VOX Breaking Sound X Luke Burr Vocal Pack WAV DEUCES

DEUCES | 24 February 2022 | 768 MB
Breaking Sound specializes in showcasing the hottest emerging artists from around the world. Bridging the gap from unknown to known, unsigned to signed. We are excited to bring together some of our favorite acts in collaboration with VOX, creating exclusive vocal packs. Our 2nd pack has arrived featuring the one and only Luke Burr.

Born just east of London, Luke found his love for music through listening to his father’s old soul records. He was inspired by the likes of Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway and later became obsessed with watching live performances of artists such as Coldplay and Justin Timberlake.

Luke has worked and toured with some huge industry names which have helped him establish his unique and spell-binding signature sound. He’s been a vocalist on tour with artists such as Rudimental and has amassed millions of streams on his solo records as well as his collaborations with artists such as Full Crate, Unknown Brain, and more.

Showcasing his unique, soulful vocals across a range of tempos and genres, this pack emulates a new age of London soul. Luke Burr’s Adlibs, chops pads & vocoders will take your project to the next level. Created in collaboration with producer, Joshi Sagar.



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