Learn How To Make A 2D Platformer In Unreal Engine 5

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Become a game developer learn how to create a 2d platformer in Unreal Engine using blueprints without writing code

What you’ll learn
Learn how to add your own custom enemies to a game
Learn how to make a 2D Combat System With Melee and Ranged Attacks
How to create and design a 2d level using the tileset system
How to create a level unlock system
Develop your understanding of Unreal Engine in this course we will use a variety of different tools in the engine to help build this game
Learn how to make a full 2D Platformer Game

A PC Capable of Running Unreal Engine
Before starting this course a basic understanding of Unreal Engine . Know how to move around the viewport and how to create blueprint classes
I’ve put everything you need to build a 2D Platformer game in one place!

Put your trust in this online course and you’ll have the complete roadmap to build a 2D Platformer game.

Learn how to build a 2D Platformer

This course will go from A-Z on how to build a complete 2d platformer with enemies collectibles, pickups, menu systems and more. You will go from a completely empty Unreal Engine Project to building a full 2D game. This course is split into many chapters and different videos to help guide you create this.

Learn how to create enemy characters

In this course you will learn how to set up enemy characters which can attack and kill the player, with ranged or melee attacks and we will go over how you can easily add more of your own custom enemies.

Develop Your Understanding of Unreal Engine

In this course we use a variety of tools inside of Unreal Engine to help build this game project, by taking this course you will get a better understanding of how you can use different tools to help you build your game. Unreal Engine 5 can be used for a variety of things not for just high end graphics for games.

What’s Inside

Course Modules

1. Setting Up The 2D Character

2. Setting Up The Enemy Character

3. Creating A Combat System For The Player Character

4. Creating A Damage System

5. Creating The Second Enemy Character

6. Blueprint Game Systems

7. Level Design

8. Final Touches

Your also going to get FREE Extra contents:

Extra 1 : 2D Platformer project you will get the complete 2D Platformer Project that I make in this course.

Extra 2 : Endless Dinosaur Runner 2D project. You will get access to the endless Dino runner project that I a made ( you can analyse the code of this project or just play it

Who this course is for
A beginner or intermediate game developer who is interested in learning how to make a 2D Platformer In Unreal Engine







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