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Groove3 Mixing Disco House Explained TUTORiAL screenshotHiDERA | 15 April 2022 | 4.30 GB

Studio guru Larry Holcombe presents comprehensive video tutorials on mixing Disco House! If your mixes have been sounding muddy, anemic, cluttered, or otherwise not up to snuff, this is the course for you. Larry takes you through a mixing session and demonstrates in detail each technique used, allowing you to see and hear these effective concepts in action. Also, all the individual tracks are included so you can load them into your DAW and follow along! These videos are for those new to mixing Disco House tracks.

Shot in Logic Pro, but applicable to any DAW, Larry welcomes you and begins by discussing the importance of gain staging from the start of the mixing process to ensure that all our effects and processes are working in their optimal range. Then we move on to creating a rough mix by preliminarily adjusting the volume of each track, followed by a focus on using the stereo image to create front-back perspective.

Next, explore various EQ filtering techniques that help create a “taller” mix, clean up the low end, and maximize separation and clarity. Learn how compression can be used to strengthen front/back perspective on percussion by using specific attack and release times. Also discover techniques for creating additional separation by compressing sustained sounds in the mix.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll follow along as Larry demonstrates many more useful techniques, including additive EQ (boosting certain frequencies for added clarity), saturation (for injecting energy and helping to roll-off transients for more transparent compression and limiting in later stages), early reflections and reverb (for creating a larger mix environment), parallel compression (adding extra energy and groove to the drums and bass), and more!

The 3rd party plug-ins Larry uses in these videos are:


Waves VU Meter

Native Instruments Transient Master
Valhalla Plate
Audio Ease Altiverb
Xfer Records LFO Tool
iZotope Ozone Imager

To see exactly what these in-depth mixing tutorials show you, and how they’ll help transform your Disco House tracks into something you’ll be proud of, check out the individual Mixing Disco House video tutorial descriptions on this page. Take your disco house mixes to the next level… watch “Mixing Disco House Explained®” today!

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