Python TkInter from Beginner to Winner

Published 04/2022
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Master Python TkInter Build Desktop Apps and Make Your Dreams True

What you’ll learn
Take the most out of TkInter to make your dream desktop apps come into life!
Plan, project and make GUI Apps with Python and TkInter from ZERO!
Use a variety of graphical elements from TkInter, known as widgets: Label, Entry, Text, Spinbox, Button, LabelFrame, and more!
Evolve your abstract thinking in such a way you can make any complex TkInter App by stripping it into smaller challenges!
Tips and tricks to take advantage of the tools you have at your disposal, such as Visual Studio Code and its extensions.
Best practices for coding as taught by a Software Engineer with years of experience in several programming languages!

You should have a basic understanding of Python or other programming language. An understanding of variables, conditional statements (if else), loop statements (while, for), a little bit of Object Oriented Programming (classes and inheritance) is a plus! However, I will reinforce some concepts several times!
You need a computer with Windows 10 or later.
You need Python 3.8.x or later.
It is recommended, not mandatory, Visual Studio Code to edit the code!
It is NOT recommended developing on a mobile device, you want to be a professional and/or develop your path to success right?

Welcome to Python TkInter from Beginner to Winner! A great course on building Desktop Apps!

Together we will learn, explore and have fun taking the most out of Python and TkInter! We will create great and useful apps.

I invite you not only to master TkInter but also learn how to think, how to design and structure your code, how to take advantage of several tools to do it faster, better and clean, like a professional!

First we will focus on creating apps like a calculator or a products stock manager… we will have opportunity to play with many widgets like Frames, Labels, Buttons, Spinboxes, LabelFrames, etc. Also we will use three Layout Managers to position our widgets: grid, pack and place.

Than as bonus we will integrate some of those apps with numerous technologies… We will use databases, we will interact with Web APIs, we will generate documents like PDFs and Docx!

Our imagination is the limit!

My name is Hugo Ferro, I started my programming journey back in 1996 when I got my first computer at age 12… That box changed my life! I became a Software Engineer with experience in a wide range of technologies…

Your journey starts now! I’m your teacher, I’m your partner in this great adventure that is learning!

The first 10 lectures of this course (1h41m), in section “My Products Stock Manager”, are FREE for you to evaluate! What you’re waiting for?

Thank you for your time, see you in the course ?

Who this course is for
Beginner to intermediate developer interested in creating his/her own Desktop Apps!
Everyone who wants to create tools to excel his/her work.
Anyone who aims to deepen their knowledge of programming, develop their thinking, learn how to structure their code will be welcome!

Python TkInter from Beginner to Winner






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