midisic MIXOLOGY A Complete Guide for Professional Mix PDF DEUCES

DEUCES | 14 April 2022 | 35 MB
If you want to Mix your Music like Professionals,
You have to Learn from Professionals, and with the help of this Mixing Ebook, now it’s EASY for You.

Many Producers start Mixing their music without the knowledge of what things to prepare before starting to mix, and how to start, how to keep going and the most important to know, when to back off.

Due to this they get stuck in between and don’t know what to do next, which becomes really frustrating and this crushes our motivation. This is where the need of a Perfect Mixing Ebook and Resources.

MIXOLOGY is a complete bundle that comes with a great Mixing Ebook, and other useful resources that are going to help you create PROFESSIONAL MIXES straight from the Studio or from your Bedrooms. It took way too long to make Mixology than we expected but we have utilized every


We know the feeling of having a good song in front of you that you made with efforts but you can’t mix it properly!
• That’s why a 250+ pages Mixing Ebook that Guides you from Beginner to Advance Level of Mixing, so that you don’t miss anything.
• Everything in this Mixing Ebook is Well-labelled and Organized in such a way that you can Read and Understand it like a Story.
• We tried to explain Everything that we got from Professional Mixing Engineers and We are Very Confident about Mixology that it can be the last search for your problem about BAD MIX.

• That’s why you need a Mixing Checklist that let you know if you are doing something WRONG or Missing Something or How to do Something Correctly.
• If you ever get Stuck at some point take advantage of it. It has 101 Question that will help you to maintain your workflow
• Never miss to do Small changes that create a Big Impact at the End when they all adds up together Getting this Checklist for FREE it an INCREDIBLE OFFER, you should NOT miss it.​
• Mixing Checklist

One of the most Important thing while Mixing is knowing when to Stop. Overdoing anything can Ruin your Mix.

EQing is the most Crucial part of Mixing, BUT if not used correctly it can RUIN your Mix by taking the feel of your Instruments.
This is where these Frequency Charts becomes Handy!
• Use EQs with Clear Intensions and Prevent yourself from destroying the Important Elements of Instruments with the help of Frequency Charts
• Know where are the Fundamentals and Harmonics of almost Every Sound.
• Know what elements of any Instruments can be Boosted and What Elements should not be touched. If You want to Master EQ than this can be a GEM.

Here is our newest freebie – EQ Cheatsheet.

• 40+ pages that cover all the major elements of a song for e.g
Drums:- Kick, Snare, Clap, Tom, 808, etc.
Instruments:- Piano, Leads, Pads, Synth, Flute, Violin, etc.
Vocals:- Male, Female, BG Vocals, etc.
• This free cheatsheet will guide you through your EQ decisions. These are easy to navigate, understand and easy to apply.
• You wil be able to navigate the core elements (like punch, mud, harshiness) of any instrument or drum with the help of this cheatsheet.



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