Domestika Manga Comics for Beginners From Concept to Creation

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Title: Domestika – Manga Comics for Beginners From Concept to Creation

Learn how to write and create a manga comic from scratch using professional techniques used by Japanese artists for storytelling and character design

The increasing popularity of manga means that anyone can enjoy, produce, and add their own culture to the art form, meeting amazing characters and visiting magical places along the way. Manga artist Natalia Batista has published comics across Europe and the US, and she owns her own publishing company that has received international recognition.

In this course, she teaches you the whole manga writing process, from the initial concept to the finished comic. Create your own manga page from scratch, discovering the tools and techniques used by Japanese manga artists to make your work look professional.

Interested in developing your manga character design skills? In her first course, The Art of Manga: Drawing Unique Characters, Natalia takes you through the process of drawing fictional manga characters from start to finish.

Begin the course by getting to know manga artist and illustrator Natalia Batista. She talks through how she turned her love of manga into a career that led her to open her own publishing studio, along with the influences that inspire the work she creates.

Explore the history of manga and how it has evolved since its origins in the 13th century. Discover the characteristics of the art form, before taking a look at the tools and materials needed, from sketching pens to ink. Natalia shows you how to create your manga concept and character lineup before diving into the writing process. Learn how to write dialogue, craft a script, and divide it into panels.

Time to start drawing your manga. First, delve into visual storytelling, taking into consideration composition, reading direction, and more. Natalia guides you through how to create a concise storyboard. Once you’re happy with it, get feedback from test readers and make any adjustments to perfect your storyboard. Then sketch your manga page or spread with margins and layout in mind. Learn to draw manga backgrounds from photos based on the mood and flow of your work.

Practice working with different inking tools and techniques, from drawing speed lines and cross-hatching to sound effects. Apply these ink techniques on your manga pages for a professional end result.

Scan your manga in the correct format and use Clip Studio Paint to prepare and letter your pages. Learn what screen tones are and how to incorporate them into your manga to add depth, light, and shadows. To finish the course, Natalia guides you through how to export your manga and share it with the world via publishers, contests, and more
What is this course’s project?

Create your own manga page, or spread, from scratch using traditional techniques






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