Groove3 Sibelius Updates Explained 04 2022 Update TUTORiAL

HiDERA | 15 April 2022 | 219 MB
Notation pro Doug Zangar brings you a detailed AVID Sibelius video tutorial series! Learn all of the new features and functions found in Sibelius updates and how to use them when creating your scores. These videos cover all the point updates for Sibelius and are designed for those who already know how to use Sibelius, but just want to learn about the new features added.

Doug welcomes you and starts of with the cool new features added to Sibelius such as MIDI File Import, Auto-Assign, new articulations and playing techniques for string parts, how to explode a 4 part MIDI brass track to 4 separate instruments, and when naming tracks based on the libraries used, how you can add group naming to make importing into Sibelius a breeze.

Auto-Optimize is then covered and you’ll see how this behind-the-scenes feature automatically keeps staff spacing looking great, plus how to both override and remove overrides when scoring. The new dotted and dashed ties, tie into ties and laissez vibrer ties are shown and explained, as well as the new key commands and engraving choices that are available.

Next, you’ll learn all about Podium, Moderna, and Handwritten styles, plus how to view them in QuickStart and import them into an existing score using the new import features that are available. Also, the new choice for Respace After Toggling Cautionary Accidentals is shown, then discover the new large film score time signatures, updated wildcards, system object navigation, updated horn fingering and accessibility features.

In addition to more topics, you’ll also learn about Sibelius’s new Color options, MusicXML Import choices, and tons of new Staves features that will make scoring faster, easier and more intuitive.

To see what these in-depth Sibelius update tutorials show you, and how they’ll get you up to speed on the latest version of Sibelius, see the individual Sibelius video tutorial descriptions on this page. Make scoring your songs and productions more streamlined and effective.. Watch “Sibelius Updates Explained®” today.



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