Reason RE Noise Engineering MIV v2018 10 15 DECiBEL

Team DECiBEL | 15 Apr 2022 | 74.6MB
Manis Iteritas Vereor was inspired but our Eurorack module and earlier Rack Extension Manis Iteritas. The original is known for its untamed, aggressive edge. Manis Iteritas Vereor moves in a more controlled and tonal direction (while keeping its signature aggressive edge). Utilizing its famed six-operator saw-based additive and phase-modulation synthesis algorithms, MIV creates sounds ranging from beautiful organs, pads, and plucks to experimental and noisy sounds like you’ve never heard before.

– Rack Extension
– Low-pass gate/VCA
– Envelope

Product Description:
– 40+ presets
– Precise pitch adjustment parameters: octave, semitone, cent
– Skin and Metal selects additive or phase-modulation synthesis modes
– Unique Saw Mod and Profundity controls shape width and create chorusing, noisy tones
– LPF and Smash control filtering and wavefolding for a geographical convergence of two contrasting types of harmonic shaping
– Tame and shape the dynamic and harmonic structure of sounds further with the VCA/LPG and Envelope sections
– Go even deeper with back-panel patching: all front-panel controls can be controlled via CV or self patched with the built-in Envelope output



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