Reason RE The Musicology Group Digital Filter v1 0 2 DECiBEL

Team DECiBEL | 15 Apr 2022 | 14.3MB
There is nothing analog about a Rack Extension, so why pretend. The Digital Filter takes full advantage of modern signal processing techniques and for the first time provides Continuously Variable Slope. You can now morph between the classic response of a 4-pole filter (Moog), to the subtle sounds of a 2-pole filter (Oberheim), and for an extremely steep cutoff all the way up to a 12-pole filter. And everything in between, you can even play with odd order filters if you like. It’s shaping up to be the only filter you’ll need in your toolbox, though you might want more than one instance.

– Resonant Filter with Continuously Variable Slope (1- to 12-pole response, 12dB – 48dB max. resonance)
– Low CPU Usage
– State Variable Design (Highpass/Lowpass)
– Bandpass/Bandstop Combinator Presets (with variable Bandwidth)
– Envelope Generator (ADSR plus master Timescale control)
– Envelope Follower (for EG trigger and/or Cutoff control)
– Sidechain Audio Input for Envelope Follower
– CV Input for Cutoff, Slope, Resonance, and Filter State
– CV Input for Note and Gate

– subtractive synthesis (mono/poly synth setups)
– deep resonance with smooth control (ambient textures, emphasizing harmonics in complex sound sources)
– acid house sequencing
– auto-wah (envelope controlled filter)

Version 1.0.2
– fixed handling of discontinuous CV input

Version 1.0.1
– fixed HP/LP switch target area
– fixed note tracking during release time
– cosmetic updates for combinators



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