Object Oriented programming for Unity game devs

Published 04/2022
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Learn WHAT is OOP and HOW much easier it is to work on your game when you write Objet-Oriented code

What you’ll learn
Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance and Polymorphism
Composition and WHY it is important
WHY creating maintainable code base is important for games
HOW to use OOP in Unity
How to refactor a Shoot’em up project to make it more maintainable

I have made few small unity projects
I understand the basic of C# language
I know my way around Unity
(optional) I have tried making bigger game but it didn’t go well code wise

You don’t need Object-Oriented programming to quickly prototype a game idea.

At the same time game development is an ITERATIVE process. A soon as you start adding new features to your game prototype or updating the current game mechanics to convert the prototype into a game that you can release, you will see more and more spaghetti in your code base. I am talking about those clumps of if-else statements that are hard to debug and difficult to maintain, modify or expend with new functionality.

OOP will help you to convert your porotype to a game that you can easily update, maintain after release and expend with new features without having to spend weeks fixing strange code bugs.

In Section 1 I will explain the concepts of object-oriented programming





*We will also talk about composition and why “prefer composition over inheritance” is a GOOD advice.

NEXT we will work on a HANDS-ON project by implementing new features and seeing HOW and WHERE to apply OOP solution. This is because the is no way to learn OOP just by exploring theory. You need to PRACTICE and explore some game dev related examples to get a feel for how to apply OOP in your code.

What you can expect from the course

5h of video content

Learning OOP can be done only through practice. After you watch the theory (Section 1) I have prepared few example problems related to Game Dev so that you can PRACTICE what you have learned.

A Fully working Shoot’em up game prototype

Theory (WHY) is useless if you don’t know how to apply it in practice.

I have prepared a working prototype of a small game that we will refactor so that you can learn HOW to use OOP and WHEN to do it.

Project files and scripts

For each video where we write some code I will provide a github link so that you can view the changes in the code as well as my full project that you can open in unity to find any issue / difference / bug that you might have.

My help

If you don’t understand something just ask here in the comment section or on courses Discord channel. I do my best to daily answer any question.

English subtitles

For each video I have provided English subtitles (autogenerated). I am in the process of adding Spanish subtitles.

Who this course is for
Beginner Unity devs looking to improve their coding skills
Intermediate Unity users who have trouble with writing maintainable code

Object-Oriented programming for Unity game devs






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