Hanon for Guitar Inside Out Master the Classics Book 3

English | 131 pages | PTG Books (August 12, 2013) | B00EIN50VO | EPUB | 5 MB
The Hanon exercises are considered the most vital in developing proper fundamental technique for piano. The third volume of Purple Tiger Guitar’s “Master the Classics” series, “Inside Out,” is the most ambitious edition you will find of the Hanon exercises adapted for guitar.

Inside Out lives up to its title. We take the first exercise and show you a number of ways to optimize it for maximum guitar technique. Then we provide the tabs for Exercises 2-20.

Here are just a few of the techniques covered by Inside Out

•Melodic Development
•Position Playing

With literally hundreds of hours worth of practice material that will supercharge your practice and playing, Inside Out costs far less than a single guitar lesson! Add a kick-ass dimension to your knowledge and playing with Hanon for Guitar: Inside Out!



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