SharkPixel Lighting Effects

Have you ever considered adding lighting effects to your images with the click of a button? It’s possible and in this course, I show you how to add sun flare, bokeh, and sun rays in a multitude of variations and then how to save the artistic effect you’ve created and apply it to any image you have in the future to save a ton of time.

In this first lesson, I introduce you to the cool things we will be making in this class and how Lightroom is evolving.

Doing General Image Cleanup in Lightroom
In this lesson, I show you my basic workflow for doing basic cleanups inside of Lightroom to make a better-looking image with less distractions.

Adding Overall Color Adjustments
Lightroom has some powerful tools to apply image adjustments and in this lesson, I’ll teach you some excellent practices and workflow for doing this.

Adding Color Effects and Treatments
Now the real fun begins. In this lesson, I teach you some of the cool Lightroom tools for creating intense color effects and more color cohesive images.

Adding Sun Flares
It’s amazing what Lightroom can do these days and in this lesson I’m going to show you how to create some amazing sun flare effects.

Creating Sun Rays
In this lesson, I teach you to add sun rays for cool visual appeal in your image.

Sharpening and Contrast for Image Punch
In this lesson, I show you some of my tricks for adding punch to your image so that the moment a viewer sees it, it grabs their attention.

Creating and Saving Presets for Accelerated Workflow
While presets might not be a fix-all solution, but they can definitely accelerate workflow and kickstart creativity. In this lesson, I teach you how to create them.

Some final words on how you can further explore these concepts and what you should walk away with from this course.






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