SparkPackers Retro X Now Vital Preset Pack MAC WIN

April 20th 2022 | VITAL | 168 MB
Let’s evoke the spirit of the synthwave era, get inspired by retro soundscapes and beam ourselves back into the future with Retro X Now!

This sound bank for Vital gives you lush, dreamy pads, dark basses and neon, cyberpunk-ish synth sounds and pays tribute to an era where synth-driven artists started to bloom and took over the music world.

When designing the pack it felt like building these little time capsules that embody the heart and soul of those beloved, iconic hardware synths just wasn’t enough.

I also wanted to add a more modern perspective. That’s why you can – with the help of the macros – dial in fresh sonic edges to the patches. Think of sounds that are rooted in the 80’s & 90’s and are projected into the future.

This makes these Vital presets widely useful across several genres… whether you produce Synthwave, Disco, Electronica, Ambient, Pop or Future Bass.

80 TotaL Presets
24 x Bass // 4 x Leads // 25 x Pads // 26 x Synths // 1 x Template
101 custom-made Wavetables
6 Attack/Transient Samples
Size: 172 MB
Sys Req.: Vital Synth // v1.07 or higher // Windows & OS



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