Practice Application Development With React And Django

Published 04/2022
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Learn real-world examples of how businesses develop and securely deploy applications into the cloud

What you’ll learn
Learn practical applications of test-driven design for React and Django development.
Deploy applications to Azure using Infrastructure-As-Code.
Package software applications as containers and run in Azure Kubernetes Service.
Deploy PostgreSQL database for a Django application in Azure.
Use Azure Key Vault to manage Kubernetes secrets.
Automate deployment of applications using Azure DevOps.
Secure application development environments that are hosted in the cloud using Azure VPN and private DNS.

Some knowledge of programming will be needed.
A computer on which you have local administrator privileges.

This course is meant to provide you with some real-world examples of building React and Django applications using test driven design. React Context will be used for state management in the front end application. Django will be used as an API back end application, using the Django REST framework. You will use Azure DevOps Repo to store application source code and use Azure Pipelines to automate the building and testing of the code. You will learn to package the applications in containers and deploy them into a development Azure Kubernetes Service environment that is not accessible to the Internet. Nginx will be used to serve the static files for the React front end and the Django administration site. You will deploy a private PostgreSQL database for the backend application, keeping the data safely off the Internet. Using an Azure VPN to connect to the development environment, you will be able to confirm the application functionality. PGAdmin will be used to connect to the database over the VPN. Proper management of secret information, such as database passwords and email passwords, will be addressed by integrating Kubernetes with Azure Key Vault. You will also learn to perform Django database migrations in cloud environments. After performing security testing in the development environment, you will create the production environment and deploy the application to the public.

Who this course is for
Developers looking to understand how to deploy applications into a production environment.
This course is great for React and Pythong developers that want to learn more about test driven design.






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