Venomode Lowtility 2 v2 1 0 Incl Keygen WIN MAC LIN R2R

Team R2R | 2022.04.25 | 22.9 MB
Lowtility is a stereo tool designed to control the low end of your mix. It features a variable-slope low pass filter, along with a separate section for finely tuning the stereo width of the bass frequencies.

With the with stereo meters, you can visualise how the left and right channels interact, making sure you don’t have any phase-cancellation issues.

Width Adjustment

Lowtility 2 lets you adjust the stereo signal of your low-end to clean up bass frequencies. Choose to reduce the width, or make it mono keeping either the mid channel, or one of the left and right channels.

Low Cut

Cut the low frequencies using a choice of 4 different filters, from a gentle 12dB roll off, to a steep 48dB slice.

Stereo Meters

Lowtility 2 features both a Goniometer and a Correlation meter, visually displaying the phase and stereo information of your signal. The meters can be swicthed between full band or just the low band.



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