HoRNet MasterTool V 1 1 1 MAC WIN AU VST2 4 VST3 AAX

April 24th 2022 | MAC / WIN | 7 MB
HoRNet MasterTool is a sound processor designed to apply that final touch to your tracks, you can think of it as a mastering robot.
Thanks to our algorithms and some clever intelligence built in the plugin can adapt to almost every music genre, if you are searching for an easy way to fix your tracks and make them sound good MasterTool it’s here to help you, and if you are a podcaster or work with voiceovers, we have also added some special algorithm tweaks to make you happy.

The plugin takes care of fixing frequency spectrum issues in your mix thanks to our frequency unmasking algorithm, then analyzes the dynamic content and using our coherence meter algorithm as feedback it sets a clipper and two different limiters.
The first clipper and the first limiter cut off the peaks increasing the loudness, the second limiter helps in reaching the final level you specify.

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