Byjoelmichael Music Theory Survival Guide Part 2 TUTORiAL FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 24 April 2022 | 865 MB
If you completed Part 1 of the Music Theory Survival Guide, then this Music Theory Survival Guide Part 2 course will take you the next step further in building your creative musical voice. If you have not completed Part 1, but are comfortable with intervals, major scales, and the triads of the major scale, then you should be okay to jump in this Part 2 without any issue.

I spent years at university earning a master’s degree in music composition (Jazz Studies) and have been teaching theory and production at colleges for several years. In addition, I am an avid songwriter and producer for many artists and my own musical projects.

Being that I am an avid music enthusiast myself and realize that studying and creating music is a lifelong endeavor, it brings me great pleasure passing on the gift of music to others. I am confident this course will continue to teach you the basics of music theory in a practical, effective, quick, and concise way. Be sure to grab your instrument, download the attached ebook (in the resources section), and play along!

In this class you will learn:

•Minor Scale
•Minor Scale Triads
•Songwriting Template for Minor Keys
•The Relationship Between Minor and Major
•Practical Exercises with Each Topic
•Downloadable ebook

Course Project
You will be creating your own 8 bar (minimum) chord progression and melody that belong to a minor key. Please attach a link to a YouTube video, SoundCloud upload (or any other media platform of your choice) and describe to me the key you chose and what techniques really helped you to complete the project effectively.

Even if you have never written your own music before, you will be able to partake in the course project and complete an 8 bar chord progression with a melody that fits in a minor key. I look forward to teaching you and hearing your music creations!. Grab your instrument and jump right in.



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