Udemy Unreal Engine 5 C Multiplayer Shooter Updated

This is the full course as of 3rd May 2022
What you’ll learn
Connecting players across the internet with matchmaking sessions
Creating a plugin to convert any Unreal Engine project to multiplayer
Program multiplayer matchmaking in Unreal Engine
Learn replication techniques for fast-paced, competitive shooter games
Optimize network code by minimizing bandwidth and maximizing performance
Lag compensation techniques for multiplayer including client-side prediction and server-side rewind
Multiple weapons including pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launcher, grenade launchers, and throwing grenades
Pickups including shields, health, speed buffs, jump buffs, and ammo pickups
Crouching, aiming, jumping, strafing, reloading, and throwing, all in multiplayer
Working HUD with health and shield bars, ammo count, score and defeats, and game timers
Custom game modes, custom match states, and use of the core classes used in multiplayer
Learn how the Game Mode, Game State, Player State, Player Controller, Pawn, Character, and Actor classes work in multiplayer
Create your own subsystem to manage online sessions
Learn about the Unreal Engine Online Subsystem and use it to program multiplayer games using any online service such as Steam
Display announcements including: Who eliminated who, who won the game, winning teams, countdown timers
Custom Match States: Fly around in the warmup stage, display winners in the cooldown stage

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