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Last Updated 11/2021
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Learn how to install and build a simple system using OpenSIPS

What you’ll learn
Install an OpenSIPS server, register phones make a call one to another, from and to a PSTN


OpenSIPS is one of the most popular open-source SIP servers in the market. The project started in 2008 as a fork of the SER project and it has evolved with new versions every year
The SIP and OpenSIPS skill is one of the most valuable for those pursuing a career in the telecommunication market. It is not hard to find jobs in this area with six-figures.

With OpenSIPS you can

Register Users

Make Calls

Manipulate any header or body of the message

Route thousands of calls per second based on millions of prefix entries using Dynamic Routing

Route according to the quality of the call

Load balance Asterisk/FreeSwitch servers

Handle anycast scenarios

Support millions of subscribers in a single server

Translate IPv4 to IPv6

While this course was created to be a preparation course for the OpenSIPS Bootcamp, it is an excellent introductory course to OpenSIPS.


By the end of this training, you should be able to

Install OpenSIPS in a Debian 10 server

Understand the basics of the opensips.cfg file

Build a simple system capable to make calls between phones and a gateway

Attend the OpenSIPS Bootcamp following the required prerequisites

Topics Covered

Introduction to SIP

Introduction to OpenSIPS


Set OpenSIPS to start automatically

Building a simple system

Register several phones

Make calls between phones

Make calls to a gateway

Who this course is for
People interested to build high volume communication applications
ITSPs employess
IP PBX managers
IP PBX, Session Border Controllers and SoftSwitch developers

Quick Start to OpenSIPS 3.1/3.2






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