Adrenakrohm Vitalogy Vol 1 from Dash Glitch for Vital

AudioZ Exclusive | Presets Bank | 53.1 MB
Preset pack of 120 sounds for Vital Audio’s amazing wavetable synth.

The sounds are designed predominantly for the darker psytrance subgenres such as Forest and Twilight, however are equally suited for anything ranging from Progressive all the way to Hitech.
All sounds in the demo track are taken from the pack. This means kicks, percussions, bass, leads. Everything.

Pack consists of:
▬ 40 FX/atmos, 20 leads
▬ 20 percussions (open hats, closed hats, snares, crashes)
▬ 10 kicks
▬ 10 basses
▬ 10 pads
▬ 10 sequences.

____.-===/// \\\===-.____

This release has been exclusively provided to AudioZ
by our member who wish to remain anonymous.



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