Roland Cloud JUNO 60 CHORUS v1 0 0 U2B macOS TRAZOR

TRAZOR | Jun 19 2022 | 26.6 MB
Instant awesome.
Genuine Roland recreation of the classic stereo chorus effect from the JUNO-60 analog synth.
Roland’s JUNO-60 is a shining star in the vintage synth universe, heard on generations of famous tracks and still loved by musicians and producers today. A huge slice of its timeless magic comes from an analog stereo chorus effect that imparts so much richness and character that players rarely turn it off. With the JUNO-60 Chorus plug-in, you can now infuse any DAW track with the evocative color of this iconic ’80s effect.

Standard Features:
• Genuine Roland recreation of the JUNO-60 stereo chorus effect.
• Instantly adds fullness, richness, and character to any keyboard sound.
• Also works great with other sound sources, including guitar, bass, vocals, and more.
• Ultra-simple preset interface with three unique chorus sounds.

NOTE: Universal 2 Binary AudioUnit only.



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