Roland Cloud JUPITER 8 v1 1 1 U2B macOS TRAZOR

TRAZOR | Jun 19 2022 | 28.1 MB
Released in 1981, the JUPITER-8 is one of the most celebrated and sought-after polysynths of all time. This meticulous plug-in reproduction is accurate down to the circuit level, while also enhancing the original spec with modern features.

Plug In Your Own JUPITER-8
The JUPITER-8 Software Synthesizer is a detailed recreation of the original, capable of the same rich pads, tectonic basses, and evocative leads as its hardware counterpart. Featuring eight-voice polyphony, 16 individual analog oscillators, and two or four-pole resonant filters, the virtual JUPITER-8 is a wildly customizable composition tool. From cross modulation to oscillator sync, the synth’s expansive effects parameters reward deep exploration. Newly added modern features include:
• Onboard reverb and tempo-syncing delay.
• Tempo-syncing LFO that locks to your project.
• Extended oscillator range.
• Condition knob adjusts the sound of the JUPITER-8—clean and pristine to warm and broken in.

NOTE: Universal 2 Binary AudioUnit only.



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