Dm7 Records Reveal Sound Spire Aural Fabric by Vertical

AudioZ Exclusive | Presets | 14.2 KB

Vertical | Parvati records is known for his wide spectrum of styles and moods, never stays in one formula but always aiming to push the boundaries of psytrance with his signature sound and new ideas.

He started doing sound design in 2016 and this is his first sound bank for spire.
“Spire has an amazing sound quality, which in the end made me want to work within it’s boundaries and push them to the limit, to see what i can squeeze out of it. I hope this bank sparks some new ideas and inspiration in you. enjoy!”.


#ARP: 10
#BASS: 4
#FX: 15
#LEAD: 13
#PAD: 8

____.-===/// \\\===-.____

This release has been exclusively provided to AudioZ
by our member who wish to remain anonymous.



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