Audio Assault RVXX v2 v1 0 0 WiN SEnki

SEnki | 31 July 2022 | WiN: 205 MB
2-Channel Aggressive High Gain Amp Simulator
Modeled on the Revv G20*
RVXX is a Two Channel Amp Sim based on an extremely aggressive high gain lunchbox amp with a very big bite, we recreated a tone that gives you the perfect balance for modern Metal.

Amp Head Features
• 2 Independent Amp Channels
• 6V6 Power Amp Tubes
• Versatile Gain Control
• Aggressive and Wide Switches

Detailed 3D Cabinet Simulation
• RVXX includes an extremely detailed Cabinet Simulation.
• Control two microphones for each cab with complete freedom.
• Each cab has been chosen to perfectly complement the main amp.

Dual IR Loader
If you prefer to use your own IRs, RVXX includes a Dual IR Loader with the ability to adjust the microphone positions of any IR, even 3rd party ones.

Stomp Boxes
• Gator II : Tame your signal noise with this handy one knob gate.
• Booster : Change the character of the amp with the low and high knobs, or simply push more gain in.
• Screamer : Make the (virtual) tubes scream with this pedal

Rack FX
RVXX includes 4 Effects Units to help you shape the final part of your tone.
Graphic EQ : Control the final output of your sound.
Chorus : Make your leads wide. Give them some flavor.
Delay : Give cleans depth and stereo feel.
Reverb : Add space to your sound

Standalone App
Jam with RVXX without having to open a DAW! Engage the double tracking emulation for a better jam!



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