Blendermarket Modeling a Scifi Helmet in Blender 2 8 by Rachel

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Duration 7h 15m Project Files Included MP4

Title: Blendermarket – Modeling a Scifi Helmet in Blender 2.8 by Rachel

Hey guys! This is a narrated time-lapse tutorial going over the entire modeling process of this helmet in Blender. This isn’t a step by step tutorial but rather a general tutorial narrating my thought process on designing mechas so I suggest you have a good knowledge of the basics of Blender before watching this.

I also used a bit of Hardops for this project, but it’s not necessity if you want to follow along.

You will get:
– 1:45 hour narrated time-lapse: Where I go over the entire modeling process, beginning with a sculpt in blender and modeling with sub-division techniques.
– 5:30 hour real time playback of video: Real time video with no narration.
– Blend file: Final eevee render ready file

I forgot to mention, for sculpting turn on the dyntopo setting to follow along.
Blend files included are for personal study and learning purposes only. Do not use for commercial work or sell in any way.

This is not a beginner tutorial, intermediate to advanced knowledge of Blender is required.
Sculpting tablet for the sculpting section.






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