Nik Collection by DxO 5 1 and DxO FilmPack 6 4 0 Elite Multi W in

virustotal for both releases 1/70

New in Nik Collection 5.1
New Features
• New Optical Modules available for Nik Perspective Efex
New supported cameras:
✓ Canon EOS R5С
✓ Canon EOS R10
✓ Canon EOS R7
• The Selective Tool appears automatically when sending an image to Photoshop from Lightroom
• Removed warning message when applying the effect from Nik Collection to Photoshop Elements
to 16-bit images
• The installer remembers the installation path selected during installation of Nik Collection when
clicking Next/Back on a Windows PC
Bug Fixes
• Favorite presets are not shown in Viveza when installing Nik Collection 5 over Nk Collection 4
• Occasional crash in Nik Collection Color Efex when applying a preset in Photoshop
• Long loading of the Nik Collection effect while saving changes from Nik Collection to Lightroom
• No Color Efex, Analog Efex, Silver Efex, or Viveza when installing Nik Collection 1st in the default
folder and then in the Custom folder on Mac
• Nik Collection installed in custom and default folders simultaneously stays in both folders
• Crash of Nik Collection application when there is not enough right to C:\Program Data\DxO
Labs\Data folder on Windows
• Filter does not become active in case user applies changes to “Level & Curves” filter in Color Efex
or Analog Efex
• Portuguese language is missing from the language list in Nik Collection installer on Mac
• Nik Collection window is overlapped by Photoshop window on Mac iwhen an image is opened in
a separate Photoshop window
• Autoscroll for filter list does not work in Color Efex when drag & drop filters change their order
• Favorite presets remain in Selective Tool after deleting these presets from the plugin
• Last edit is not created for 16-bit images in Photoshop Elements
• Smart copy & paste feature in Lightroom does not work when Nik Collection is installed in a folder
that contains quotation marks
• Disk space is not updated properly during installation
• Meta presets do not work when Nik Collection is installed in a custom folder with specific symbols
• Place center of the Multilens filter decoration has an incorrect history record after performing
reset position
• The installer’s process has no name, only an icon on the Activity Monitor on Mac
• The standalone Nik Collection plugin blocks when Lightroom Classic or PhotoLab is launched in

DxO FilmPack ELITE Edition reproduces the colors and grain of iconic films as closely as possible using an exclusive calibration procedure developed in the company’s laboratories. The software recreates the hues, saturation, contrast, and grain of 84 authentic analog renderings within digital images. It also offers a decidedly original approach to browsing the various eras of photography.

A truer-than-life analog rendering
DxO FilmPack, a direct product of DxOÆs expertise as a pioneer of optical corrections, demosaicing, and denoising, faithfully reproduces the colors and grains of analog films thanks to an exclusive calibration process developed in its laboratories.

Faithfully rendered colors (NEW!)
Choose from 46 color film stocks that made history. Capture fantastic images using the vivid red and intense blues tones of EKTACHROME Professional Infrared EIR. Rediscover the softness of Kodak Portra 160 NC for your portraits, the magic of Polaroid, or the contrast and the vibrant colors of Fujichrome Velvia 50 for macro photography.






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