The Gnomon Workshop Sculpting the Planes of the Head A Fundamental Guide to Mastering the Head with John Brown

Successful head sculpture begins with understanding where the vertical/horizontal planes and facets are, and the fundamental relationship the features have with them. In this tutorial, figurative artist and educator John Brown breaks down the life-size male head into a series of planes and facets, establishes the facial feature land marks, discusses depth, creating shadows and shares valuable techniques for sculpting the best head possible. John also demonstrates how to use templates, translate a 2D drawing to 3D, symmetry tricks, how to model a hard surface, and create a light-weight full-scale armature. As supplementary featurettes, we visit 3DScanLA and demonstrate the process of creating a digital model through Photogrammetry scanning, how to import into ZBrush, and the basics of cleaning up scanned data to create a 3D print ready model.

ZBrush Reality Capture






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