Frontend Master Remix Fundamentals

Released 08/2022
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Remix solves many problems in modern web app development. You don’t even think about server cache management or global CSS namespace clashes. It’s not that Remix has APIs to avoid these problems; they simply don’t exist when you’re using Remix

By participating along with us in the workshop, you’ll learn

Improve your site performance – Remix is already ridiculously fast, and it gives you a simple API into HTTP cache headers to make it even quicker. It also gives you an excellent API for preloading/prefetching resources.
Write dead simple mutations – form works great with Remix. No wiring up useEffects, onSubmits, useReducers or whatever. Remix will do all that for you.
Take advantage of nested routing – Nested routing enables Remix to optimize the data you request. Each route you define can focus exclusively on itself, eliminating the boilerplate you need with other frameworks.
Completely eliminate pending states – Look. It’s important to show your users that something’s going on, and some of these things take time. But what if we could cheat a little bit? Yup, I’m talking about optimistic UI.
Handle errors – Unfortunately, we can’t get our data immediately, and it isn’t always error-free. But when you use Remix, your React components feel synchronous and error-free.

Frontend Master - Remix Fundamentals






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