Udemy Learn the ART of ZBrush

Bringing ZBrush into your art pipeline is now more important than ever before. With the launch of new hardware and ever increasing rendering power and tools, like the new Unreal Engine 5, ZBrush sits in a sweet spot that let’s you create art for this market of current and next-generation video games like never before.

This course assumes you know nothing about ZBrush, that you’ve never used it, and I will guide you through all of it’s quirks and gems from start to finish. ZBrush is renowned for use in character creation, but it is used for so much more than that. I am an environment artist primarily, but I create creatures and props too and I use ZBrush for all of my endeavors in art creation for video games.

Not only will you learn how to use ZBrush, but I will take you though the stages to prepare your models for export to various packages like Substance Painter, Unity / Unreal and 3DS Max etc. and show you how you can tighten your pipeline and include ZBrush so it will bring the quality of your art to another level.

You will learn all the tools in Zbrush that will allow you to do; detail sculpting, concept sculpting, low-poly modeling, optimize your models, paint your models, texture your models, create grass and hair, retopologize, create UVs, prepare and export your models and much, much more. I will give you challenges throughout the course, and test what you have learned with little fun quizzes along the way.

If you take this course, I promise you, you will be proficient in Zbrush by the end of it and you will be able to create anything your creative juices will allow.

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