C Programming 101 for Aspiring Embedded Developers

Published 09/2022
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Learn Embedded C Programming quickly and easily in this one mini-course

What you’ll learn
Understand the basic types in C as it applies to embedded development
Understand how pointers work in C
Understand how structures work in C
Understand how arrays work in C
Be able to describe the differences between microcontrollers and microprocessors
Understand the nuances between regular C programming and baremetal embedded C programming
Be able to read and understand a microcontroller datasheet
Be able to write C for the Arduino or Atmega328p
Be able to blink an LED on and off without the Arduino IDE using raw embedded C

Basic programming experience in a language like Java or Python

The fastest and easiest way to learn C Programming in Linux and Embedded Systems.

Many embedded programming courses make huge assumptions about your C programming and embedded knowledge before dropping you into the deep end of a complicated architecture or microcontroller. In this course, I intend to fix that. Here, I’ll first teach you how to program in C in a way that is example driven. We’ll start each lesson with a presentation and end it with an example problem. Next, we’ll discuss what embedded C means. Finally, we’ll program an embedded program in raw C on a microcontroller.

This course will teach you from start to finish how to program in C. Additionally, this course will teach you how to navigate the intimidating world of C programming as it applies to embedded systems. We’ll navigate how to read a datasheet, and how to interpret that datasheet, and then use that information to write code for the microcontroller commonly found in the Arduino, the Atmega328p. An Arduino is beneficial to have for the end portion of this course, but not required.

What You’ll Learn

How to Program in C from the ground up

Embedded C vs Regular Linux or Windows C

How to Interpret a Datasheet

How to Compile C for an Embedded Microcontroller Target

Who Should Take This Course

A programmer who wants to learn C

An experienced C programmer who wants to learn more about Embedded Programming

An Arduino hobbyist who wants to take their knowledge to the next level

Who this course is for
You’re a beginner programmer who wants to learn more about the C programming language.
You’ve been programming for a while but never learned about embedded programming.
You’re a novice C programmer who wants to prepare for a full length embedded course.






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