Charlotte de Rothschild 100 Years of Japanese Song Japanese Journey 3 2022

FLAC (tracks), Lossless | 73:04 | 226 Mb
Classical, Instrumental

Charlotte de Rothschild writes: “I never imagined, when I learnt my very first Japanese song Karatachi no hana -Quince Flower – by Yamada Kohsaku in 1991, that thirty years later I would be bringing out my fourth release of these beautiful songs. This is the third CD with piano accompaniment and like the other two, is a mixture of “kakyoku”, the Japanese equivalent of Lieder or Chanson, and of “douyou”, popular songs that are sung in schools and then throughout life. It has truly been a wonderful journey of discovery and the songs on this album show that the art of composition of these western-style songs continues on into the present day.”
1. Maple Trees
2. Swallows
3. Habu Harbour
4. Rokkyu
5. Song of the Shojoji Temple’s ‘Tanuki’
6. A Love Song About Sleet
7. Night of the Clouded Moon
8. By the Old Castle of Komoro
9. Crab Tomalley
10. Hometown
11. Lament
12. Soon Spring will Come
13. Found a Little Autumn
14. Melody for Voice
15. Goodnight!
16. Wisteria
17. The Unknown Door
18. Hydrangea
19. The Unseen Child
20. The Daffodil
21. Town of Flowers
22. Clouds
23. Now it’s spring!
24. I am a Thousand Winds





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