FTI Forming Suite 2022 0 0 x64 Multilingual

对汽车零部件企业,在钣金冲压件分析和成本优化方面有一套世界领先的软件解决方案——来自加拿大的FTI(Forming Technologies Intanc),世界领先的冲压成形性分析和成本计算软件。

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Description : FormingSuite – is a modular application for the analysis of the technological parts obtained by sheet stamping, and optimization of cutting metal strip. FormingSuite consists of modules, united by a simple common interface and intended for designers, technologists and standardizers.

FormingSuite modules allow you to
– quickly calculate the sweep shape;
– to predict the possible problems of manufacture: the formation of gaps or folds, utyazhka material;
– determine the final shape of the part with regard to metal springback;
– analyze the geometry of the stamp and calculate the stamping force;
– optimize the cutting of blanks from the tape;
– calculate the cost of each product.







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