Power Automate Desktop Essentials Rpa Training Course

Last updated 4/2022
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Learn how to create automations with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) on Microsoft Power Automate Desktop from scratch

What you’ll learn
Setup Power Automate Desktop
Confidently tackle the Power Automate Desktop actions that are most commonly used
Design and develop different types of automations
Conditions and loops
Edit selectors and use Custom XPath
Computer with Windows 10/11
Welcome to the Power Automate Desktop- Essentials RPA Training Course, where you will learn how to develop RPA automations with Power Automate Desktop, Microsoft RPA Tool, from scratch!We start off by learning what RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is, installing and setting up Power Automate Desktop on our machine and then building our first automation. Then we will explore Power Automate Desktop, learning about the user interface to get a basic understanding. Once we cover all the basics, like variables, UI elements, we then will take a deep dive into building 7 automations , covering different types of automations, like web automation, data extraction.We will finish the course with a final project, where we will have a detailed overview about what the automation should do. The student will have the chance to solve the project. Then we will have the solutions in the last lecture!In this course I will provide you with technical skills and automation demos that will allow you to more confidently create software robots including:Learn what’s RPAPower Automate Desktop download and setup Explore Power Automate DesktopUnderstand the basics about automation development (variables, UI Elements)Learn how to use the Recorder featureLoops and conditionsWeb AutomationSolve the famous RPA ChallengeData extraction and data inputPDF Text ScrapingEmail AutomationExcel AutomationCustom XPath and edit selectorsControl flow with conditionsFinal project to practice what we have learnedBy the end of this course you will be more confident using the computer to create software robots with the Power Automate Desktop RPA tool, from the more simplest automations, to even the more complex.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What’s RPA?

Lecture 2 Power Automate Desktop setup

Lecture 3 Our first bot

Lecture 4 Documentation

Section 2: Exploring Power Automate Desktop

Lecture 5 Overview

Lecture 6 Exploring Power Automate Desktop

Lecture 7 Actions

Lecture 8 Variables

Lecture 9 UI Element

Lecture 10 Debug

Lecture 11 Recorder

Section 3: Robot 2 – Loan Application Processing

Lecture 12 Overview

Lecture 13 Launch browser

Lecture 14 Read data from excel

Lecture 15 For each data table row

Lecture 16 Populate form fields

Lecture 17 Checking if loan was approved

Lecture 18 Extract output values

Lecture 19 Write excel

Lecture 20 Save excel and close browser

Section 4: Robot 3 – Email Automation

Lecture 21 Overview

Lecture 22 Get emails

Lecture 23 Iterate and get data of each email

Lecture 24 Switch and cases

Lecture 25 Move emails to folder

Lecture 26 Send email

Section 5: Robot 4 – Stock Market

Lecture 27 Overview

Lecture 28 Open website

Lecture 29 Define filters

Lecture 30 Extract each listed stock

Section 6: Robot 5 – RPA Challenge

Lecture 31 Challenge overview

Lecture 32 Starting challenge

Lecture 33 Input data on form fields

Lecture 34 Custom XPath

Lecture 35 Boosting automation speed

Section 7: Robot 6 – PDF Text Scraper

Lecture 36 Overview

Lecture 37 Get files to process

Lecture 38 Extract text from each file

Lecture 39 Write text file

Section 8: Robot 7 – Final Project

Lecture 40 Final Project – Overview

Lecture 41 Final Project – Solution

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