Python for Red Blue Teams from Scratch 2022

Python for Red-Blue Teams from Scratch 2022
Python for Red-Blue Teams from Scratch 2022
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn & Review Modern Python for Red Teams & Blue Teams. Many courses in one.

What you’ll learn:
Based on Latest Changes
Based on Newest Materials
Real-World Examples
Starting from 0 Level
Write programs in Python 3
Windows Security Components
Windows Security Features
Understand Object Oriented Programming
Windows API Calls
Documented API Calls
Anti-Virus Evasion
Sandbox Evasion
Code Injection
Virtual Machine Detection
Blue Team
Security Operation Center (SOC)
Log file Analysis
Windows Log files
Linux log files
Backup log files
Use Python modules and libraries
Socket Programming
Analyze HTML using Python
Interact with websites using Python
Interact with files using python
Write object oriented programs
HTTP protocol
Socket Programming
Regular Expression
Web Scraping
Clean Code Programming

“Complete Real-World Ethical Hacking 2022” course
Operating System: Windows

Welcome to this comprehensive Python for Red-Blue Teams course…!
This course assumes you have NO prior knowledge in any of these topics. but you must complete the previous course
(Complete Real-World Ethical Hacking 2022 )
This course is practical but it won’t neglect the theory. You’ll learn everything Practically such as use Windows API Calls for
Bypassing Anti-Virus, Sandbox Evasion, etc. and you will never waste your time theoretical lecturesThis course is divided into 4 main sections like previous course ( Complete Real-World Ethical Hacking 2022)1- Python Fundamentals
In this Section, you will Learn Core concepts of the Python programming language.2- Advanced Python
In this Section, you will Learn Advanced concepts of the Python programming language.3- Python for Red Teams
in This section, You will learn how to use python as an Offensive programming language4- Python for Blue Teams
in This section, You will learn how to use python as a Defensive programming languageAll the techniques in this comprehensive course are highly practical and at the end of this course, expected you to become an expert in Python programming language for Red Teams and Blue TeamsNotes :This course is created for educational purposes only. all the attacks are launched in my own lab. This course is a product of Hamed Mehdi and no other organization is associated with it or a certification exam but you will receive a Course Completion Certification from Udemy

Who this course is for:
Python programmers
Security programmers
Red Teams Hackers
Blue Teams
Ethical Hackers
Penetration Testers
Security Engineers
people who want to learn advanced Ethical Hacking concepts

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