GameDev Market Zombie Sound Pack Light Version MP3 OGG

MP3 OGG | 32.24 MB
Do you want to make the dead going back to life?

You can do it with the light version of the Zombie Sound Pack!

The Zombie Sound pack Light Version, it’s more than 190 sounds ready to be used in your project.

The package contains:

-4 different Zombie VO set (Idle, Attack, Hurt, Die)
-More variation than the free version
-Zombies footsteps on 4 different surfaces.
-Gory foley version for crawling and movement sounds.
-Zombie attack and bite sounds.
-More blood, more bodyfalls!
-Different Zombie body impact type (light, medium, strong).
-Ready to be used formats Mp3 & OGG.
-Royalty free sounds.

All sounds have been recorded in Stereo 48KHz.



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