MonsterDAW Monster Piano v2 0 x64 VST VST3 AU WiN macOS

FREE | 18 September 2022 | 835 MB
#MonsterPianoVST is a Free Piano VST with various Presets, including Grand Piano, Baby Grand, and Upright Piano.

It covers multi-tone characters, suitable for Pop to Rock, Jazz, Classical, and everything in between.

The size of the sampling is small but still fun to play with and useful in music-making (I hope so).

The great thing about this VST is that this is never complete. This VST gets a new expansion (preset) sound continuously every now and then so stay tuned for more!

Monster Piano Features (v2-2022.07)
Dozens of cool-sounding Piano presets. The current version is v2-2022.07 with 14 presets, 10 Grand Piano presets, and 4 Upright Piano presets (This will be updated regularly, please sign-up for my newsletter in this AHTV blog HOMEPAGE to be notified of updates).
Small size compared to another VST Piano out there but still useful for making music.
Global Volume, Pan, Filter, and Reverb.
ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain Release) curve to taylor the sound as you pleased.
Parameter Automation to dynamically change sounds that fit your music (Read below on ‘How To Automate Monster Piano Parameters‘).
Soundbank/Presets can be placed on an external hard disk, no need to place it in a startup drive (Read step #4 below on ‘Monster Piano Download Links and Installation Steps‘).
Parameter/Knob value reset by double-clicking it.
A new expansion sounds preset will be released/updated regularly every now and then. Make sure you sign-up for my newsletter in this AHTV blog HOMEPAGE to be notified of updates.
Major plugin format: Windows 64bit DAW, Mac VST, and Mac Audio Unit (AU). If you’re a Pro Tools user, please use BlueCat Patchwork to use this VST in your PT.



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