MeldaProductions MFreeFXBundle v16 01 VST VST3 AU AAX x64 x86 ARM WiN MacOS

FREE | 29 September 2022 | WiN : 565 MB / macOS : 535 MB
MFreeFXBundle contains a set of audio effects, which are completely free. Our commercial plugins offer many more features, but these are still extraordinary when compared to most plugins on the market. You can extend the features of these free plugins at any time by purchasing a licence.

16.01 changes
MXXX MSoundFactory Added “Reducer” module to MXXX and MSoundFactory.
MTurboAmp MCabinet Added Bradford Chap amp to MTurboAmp and cabinet to MCabinet.
MSoundFactory Improved SFZ import and added “Batch SFZ import” feature to Sampler.
MTuner Added velocity min parameter to MTuner for better velocity level calculation.
Added color frequencies for spectrum analyzers (red to violet like rainbow spectrum).
MRecorder Added “Restart when playback starts” option to MRecorder.
MSuperLooper MSuperLooper no longer selects the first track after “Reset all”.
MGuitarArchitect Added Comp, CompStudio and PreampBass stomp boxes.
MGuitarArchitect MGuitarArchitect doesn’t store Input in presets anymore to make sure you don’t need to reanalyze the guitar level when changing presets.
Various small fixes and improvements.
Fix MSoundFactory MSoundFactory could crash when using a sampler and modulating loop start/end values.
Fix Linear-phase equalizers could crash when changing oversampling settings.
Fix MSoundFactory Sampler could crash when changing presets.
Fix Hopefully hacked a macos bug crashing when installer is closing.
Fix MDrummer MDrummer’s MultiSampleGenerator utility was crashing in the sample detection.
Fix DIsabling note MIDI controller made it not saved with the settings.



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