ConcreteFX QWah2 VST v1 0 TALiO

TALiO | 7 June 2003 | WinALL | 1,5 MB
Qwah2 is a VST 4 band filter for PC.

– 4 filters, each can use one of 30 different filters, high/low/bandpass/bandreject, 12/24dB Butterworth, 12/24 low/high/band shelf, 12/24dB SVF and 24dB Moog filters, comb,allpass,ring mod and formant filters

– Each filter has built in chorus,delay, compressor/ noisegate & 6 different types of distortions

– The 4 filters can be arranged in 10 different ways with feedback from the output into each filter and a speaker simulation built in

– The filters and effect properties properties can be controlled by a LFO with 16 waveforms, a 16 step patteren sequencer and an envelope follower, which can be combined together to created complex pattern based effects

– The LFO and step sequences are all auto-syncable and can be retrigger by the host, by midi-notes or by the income volume being over a set value






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