Techivation T Clarity v1 0 7 MOCHA

MOCHA | VST2/VST3 | 3.41MB
Your time is value, and you don’t want to waste hours fixing audio issues. Having a clean mid-range is hard to achieve but essential. No more waste of time and effort. Thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of the T-Clarity for enhancing the mid and low-mid frequencies.

Smart solution for creators – T-Clarity quickly makes any sound clear, smooth, and pleasant

Clean the muddy & boxy sounds, keep them musical

Just like how the Techivation T-De-Esser cleans up the high frequencies of sounds giving a musical and natural-sounding result, the T-Clarity does this on the low and mid frequencies of sound, resulting in a clear, smooth, and pleasant sound.

A common way of fixing muddiness is to cut down the frequencies using an EQ. However, it comes with the price of having your overall sound changed, as muddiness may only occur at some parts of your sound source or mix. T-Clarity solves these issues without affecting the feel of the sound.

Get it done fast, yet make it sound perfect
We love simplicity and having things more organized. Quick solutions save you time, and the saved time can be used to achieve greater accomplishments.

T-Clarity was created with the same goal in mind.. It can save you a lot of time and effort while helping you get a better result out of your work.

The same way as T-De-Esser turning the processing knob starts the plug-in’s operation, you then set how intense you want to go according to your taste. There are 4 frequency bands available to choose between, choose depending on where the muddy and boxy sounds are coming from.

Minimal graphic user-interface, simple workflow
Visuals can distract your hearing, digital graphs are very likely to affect your decision-making when it comes to setting the values. T-Clarity helps you stay more focused on a nice output sound, rather than how things visually change as you tweak the plug-in settings.

There are a similar number of knobs and buttons as the T-De-Esser in T-Clarity while they have the same placement order. Many are familiar with how the T-De-Esser settings work, and how quickly and easily it would improve your sounds. Following that, we kept the same workflow for T-Clarity while it gives you different results for a different purposes than the T-De-Esser.



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