Deploy Django on Linux

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What you’ll learn
How to deploy Django to a secure production environment
Understand the architecture of a Django deployment
What options are available in the tech stack (Linux, Web server, WSGI, Database, SSL)
How to configure PostgreSQL database
How to configure gunicorn WSGI server
How to configure Nginx web server
How to configure SSL with free LetsEncrypt certificates or self-signed certificates
How to update and backup your deployment
How to setup a protected development site

Basic Python experience
Basic Django experience
Basic Linux experience
I will walk you through all the major components of deploying Django.

Learn about the architecture of a deployment and how the different pieces fit together. You will understand the differences and similarities between different options for:

Linux distribution (Debian vs Ubuntu vs CentOS vs Fedora)

Web server (Nginx vs Apache2)

Database server (SQLite vs MySQL vs MariaDB vs PostgreSQL)

WSGI server (uWSGI vs gunicorn vs waitress)

SSL certificates (self-signed vs LetsEncrypt)

The first portion of the course will talk about the architecture and the role of each component. I will also discuss alternative architectures and things to consider when planning. I’ll talk about the different options and which ones I recommend for various situations. The second portion of the course will be an actual walkthrough, step-by-step, of deploying a Django project to production with security in mind. At the end of the course I’ll wrap up with showing you how you can automate updates and backups.

When you’re done with the course you’ll know all my tips and tricks, have a solid understanding of the architecture to make well informed choices.

You can ask me questions in the Q&A section of the course and learn from others. If you have a unique situation, share your question and I will help you. Remember, you’re not just buying a set of videos, you’re taking a course and I am a resource for you as your instructor.

Students should already have proficient Linux and Python skills with some familiarity with Django.

Who this course is for:
Python or Django developers
Devops engineers working with Django, Flask, or other WSGI web apps
Linux system administrators working with Django, Flask, or other WSGI web apps
Security Engineers who work with Python web apps
Anyone curious how a Django application is deployed







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