Patreon Houdini Ivan Pulido Suarez

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Patreon – Houdini – Ivan Pulido Suarez



Activation RBD Pieces
Breaking Pyro Mushrooms
Canary Surge Scene Sim & Render
Creating CloudsBed
Deformation Solver Speed Threshold
Differents uses of Ocean Spectrums
Directionable Flips
Directionable RBD
Effective Explosion + Trails Setup
Fake WhiteWater
Fire Approach #02 – Moving Fire with Particles
Fire High Details Shader
Fire Simulation Approach #01
Flip AirField
FLIP Custom Fill Holes
Flip Fluid Morphing Setup
Flip Viscosity Mask
Flip Watermelon Splash Rnd
Foam Pattern SOP
Fog Volume
Fractal Fire
Fractal Fire v2
Grains Lavalamp
H18 – Cliding attach with tangent strength
H18 – Pyro Sparse Trayectory
H18 – Vellum attach polyline
H18 – Vellum sliding Polyline
H18 – Vellum stitch between meshes
H18 Break Constraints by Proximity
H18 Disconnected Faces
H18 RBD Emission
H18 RBD Emission Hit
H18 RBD Guided Sims
H18 RBD Simple Example
H18 Sticky Objects
Impossible Mission Sparks
Initial Rotation
Kinematic RBD Objects
Lego Fire
Metal Tearing rnd
Metal Wrinkle Noise
Muzzle Flash Asset
Non Simmed Smoke
Particle Disintegration
Plasma Ball
Point Transform Pieces
Pops Fireworks
Pops to Flip
Procedural Growing Plants
Procedural Thruster
Pyro Displacement
Pyro drives Flip
Pyro Fast-Moving Objects
RBD Simulation Guided from low res FEM Simulation
RBD Target Position
Remove Points VEX
Remove PointsID directly from Viewport
Renderman 23
Rotate quaternions
Shark Swimming Project
Small Fire
Smoke Columns
Smoke Transfer Velocities
Sparks Fall
Thickness Analisys
Tree Fire Burning
VDB Sphere Fracturing
VDB Wisp Smoke
Vellum Ballon in animated Objects
Vellum Dynamic Constraints
Vellum Grains Dynamic Constraints
Vellum Pressure Dops
Vellum Series! Cloth Plastic Deformer
Vellum Series! Dynamic Attach
Vellum Series! Plastic Hair
Vellum Series! Plastic Softbodies
Vellum, Grains & Cloth
Volume Retime Tip
Waterfall POPS
Wet Decay Workflow
WhiteShark Rig Series!! – Chapter 1 – Basic Rig
Wind Constant Smoke with chops







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