Complete C Programming Course C Language for Students

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C Programming 2021: Master the Fundamentals of C Programming Language for Beginner Students in College/University

What you’ll learn
Fundamentals of Programming
Summarized & Concise Material [Saving TONS of Time!]
Animated Explanation & Illustrations – Explaining “Hard Topics” EASY
C Programming Language Concepts & Usage
C Program Structure
Using Input & Output functions
Usage of Variables – declaration | initialization | access
Control Flow – if | if-else | switch-cases
Logical Operators
Loops – while | do-while | for
Functions – declaration | definition | usage
Arrays – Why do we need them & How they can be used?
Introducing “#define”
Pointers – Time to Sweat! – Why | When | How
Strings – Creating, Reading, Manipulating & Printing
Recursion – Concept | Usage

A computer with Windows, Linux or Mac OS
4GB RAM (recommended)
No prior knowledge is required! This course if for Absolute Beginners!
*** The Course Is Optimized For Beginner College Students *** (+BONUS –> Over 100 Exercises with Full Solution)

I’ve been working as an Academic Personnel at the Academy for a few years now and I think that’s a good time I’ll also share my knowledge here on this platform.

Based on recent surveys, I’ve made a decision to OPTIMIZE this course for Beginner Students in College/University.

This course is mainly for Total Beginners and hobbyists who want to learn some new skills in an EASY and ATTRACTIVE manner.


The content is structured in such a way that you don’t need to have any prior knowledge and it also contains PLENTY OF FULL EXERCISES WITH SOLUTIONS!

A Good Practice With OVER 100 Exercises With Full Solution During Different Sections Is EXACTLY What A Student Is Looking For!

So if you’re a student in college/university – I think you’re ABSOLUTELY going to LOVE this course.

If you’re still unsure – then no worries. I’m so confident about my course and what it will teach you so that you get Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee.


What is C Programming Language?

C Language is the “mother” of all programming languages.

It first appeared almost 50 years ago and has been used for the development of:

Operating Systems

Core parts of famous databases (such as Oracle and MySQL)


Smart Homes & Smart Cities

Systems including Sensors and Micro Controllers (especially in Embedded Systems)

Also, if you’re familiar with Python Programming Language – then you better know that a lot of Python efficient libraries are actually implemented in C.


“C Language is definitely here to STAY!”


Also, it’s also considered that by learning C you’re definitely going to make your programming fundamentals VERY STRONG.

And finally to answer a question that a lot of you may have – there is a HIGH DEMAND for C Developers in the market – at both large companies as well as startups – and the salaries are usually PRETTY HIGH! ?


[Course Information]

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming using C Language – including different concepts such as:

General Programming Concepts.

Input & Output

How variables work

Conditions & Control Flow

Different types of Loops






And maybe some additional sections


[Sections Structure]

At every section, you will be given with:

Introduction to the General Concept.

Implementing Concept in C Programming Language.

Hands-On Exercises Challenges + FULL VIDEO SOLUTION.

Cool Milestones such as:

Developing a Calculator.

Developing your own Weather Station.







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