Skillshare Expressive Animation Combining Photoshop Illustrator and After Effects

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Duration 2h 6m Project Files Included MP4

Title: Skillshare – Expressive Animation: Combining Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects

Join illustrator and animator Sylvia Yang in this snack-loving and multi-platform animation class all about discovering the power of combining your favorite Adobe Creative Suite programs to create wildly sharable animations.

With over 7.5 BILLION views, Sylvia has developed a style and process that makes her “foodie” animations insanely sharable. Dive in as Sylvia shares the techniques that make her work stand out from the rest. Combining photo, illustration, motion, and working across multiple animation programs, Sylvia lays out all the tools needed to create a truly custom animation.

If you’ve ever wondered how to optimize and use Adobe Creative Suite programs to work together, this class will put you on track to leveling up your animation skills.

Grab your favorite snack and follow along as Sylvia guides you through Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects to reveal how to use:

Photoshop, transform a photo into the basis of your character
Illustrator, design facial expressions to give your food a story
After Effects, master the basics to bring your animation to life
Tips, tricks, and tools to optimize your workflow across programs
After taking the class, join Sylvia in her animated food obsession and show off your new skills.







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