Unreal Engine Marketplace Asset Bundle 2 March 2021

Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Bundle 2 March 2021


Alien Gray v4.24

Good for NPC or Hero for third-person games. Realistic classic alien gray with customizable materials. Compatible with the Epic skeleton.


Use Steam/Steamworks in Unreal Engine 4 / Blueprints

End Of The World v4.22

Everythings destroyed and only stormy winds push the dry sand around – type of environment. High and lowpoly meshes with lods to populate the scene, storm-particle fx for atmosphere.

Environment Set v4.25

Huge foliage library for forest, landscape, grasslands, meadow and mountains. Assets are optimised,trees are blilboarded.

Minimalist Interface Package v2 v4.25.3

Pack contains a variety of widgets, icons, and interface elements flexible for any game genre.

Survival Items Pack

Here are some high-quality various items, which could be useful while post-apocalypse times (zombies, viruses, war, etc.).

The pack contains about 50 accurately made props with detalization aimed for First-Person game, can be used as weapons or quest objects. Items will perfectly fit for survival, action, horror ganre games. Some items are ready for animation, have components which can be animated (like folding knife, compass, bucket, lock, wrench, radio, lighter, matches box, table, etc.).

Public Hallway Pack v4.25

A fully customizable modular environment pack featuring damage and grime effects.

Use this modular kit to build your level from scratch – or simply use the library of props to add detail to an existing project.

This pack would be a perfect starting point for a variety of locations: school, hospital, office building, headquarters – the possibilities are endless.







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