Undrgrnd Sounds French and Filter House WAV

Undrgrnd Sounds French and Filter House WAV screenshot30 October 2021 | 1.3 GB

Vive la musique house! The quintessential French Touch of sample collections est arrivé! An epic odyssey of electronic music the robots themselves would be proud of…

We’ve scoured the basements of downtown Paris for long forgotten CS-80s, Alesis 3630 compressors, modded Roland 909s and re-recorded obscure funk instrumentals to create an audio universe that’s Harder, Better, Faster and Stronger!

Touching on the rolling & scratching sound of labels like Roule, US garage pioneer Todd Edwards and the titanic legacy of Daft Punk, this might be our most expansive sample-pack yet.

Drum Loops > Jackin’ house beats of a revolutionary style! Gritty, powerful and custom made from modded classics like the 808 and 909, these loops have been layered with acoustic grooves for an authentic sound.

We’ve even gone the extra mile and added in several filtered versions of each beat based on vintage filter mix settings, ideal for creating variety in your arrangement.

Bass Loops > Raunchy SH-101 riffs, sampled bass grooves and vintage Moog phrases. Served at 130bpm with key/tempo labelling and MIDI where possible.

Re-Sampled Loops > Choice re-recorded funk / soul instrumentals chopped up in a classic AKAI sampler. Expect super gritty musical phrases and audio-gold imbued with dirt, funk and musicality.

Pad Loops > Full-fat analogue pads and polyphonic classics. Deftly touched with era-appropriate modulation FX and served with MIDI where possible.

Guitar Loops > Funky gats and slinky loops in the style of Nile Rodgers. Clean, powerful electric guitar loops at 130bpm.

Key Loops > Staccato M1 loops, classic US garage inspired keys and
Filtered Music Loops > Electronic song-starters with panache! Full-track ideas in the style of Filter & French House with multiple variations and filtered stems.

Synth Loops > Expertly performed synth licks and electronic medleys recorded from classic Yamaha, Roland and Korg synthesizers.

Tops Loops > Dirty chugging tops roughly re-sampled and mixed to blow!
Piano Loops > Uplifting chord-sequences and melancholy medleys from well-tuned sources.

Key/tempo labelled at 130bpm and served with MIDI where possible.
FX Hits > Radio jingle spot-FX, epic space sounds, kitsch impacts and classic risers! All the FX hits your gonna need.

Drum Hits > Parisian one-shots bursting with 90s grit & charm. Hats, claps, kicks, percussion and more served with kits and sampler formats for all major DAWs.






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