Complete Vue js 3 Course w VueX Router Composition API

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VueJS is an excellent frontend framework with a soft learning curve, a perfect choice for your first framework!

What you’ll learn:
You will be able to build new Vue 3 projects.
You will be able to work on existing Vue 3 projects.
You can pick up other JS-based frameworks faster thanks to a strengthened JS foundation.
You will develop a deeper understanding of design patterns by applying them in real-life projects.

Basic JavaScript and HTML knowledge.

Note: This course teaches Vue 3. Vue 2 is NOT included. VueX, Vue Router, and composition API are all included.

Vue is an excellent frontend framework with an ever growing popularity. Compared with React and Angular, Vue has a smoother learning curve which makes it the perfect choice for your first framework.

Vue 3 has introduced the setup function. We will re-create our course projects by migrating codes into the setup function. This process gives us the perfect opportunity to further understand advanced JS techniques like closure, factory pattern, singleton pattern, etc. We get to apply these techniques in real-life situations, rather than in an isolated experiment environment. By learning Vue 3, you will understand JavaScript better which is extremely helpful in the long run. You can pick up other frameworks much faster.

This is the second Vue course we have developed. Our first Vue course teaches Vue 2 and was published in 2017. We have learnt a lot from developing the previous Vue course. We are therefore able to explain Vue concepts more clearly and come up with a better course design.

Just explaining Vue syntaxes is not enough. You must also have a correct and thorough understanding of Vue’s working mechanism. This is why we spend lots of time explaining the most fundamental topics. You must have a correct understanding of how Vue works under the hood. This is the only way you can fully utilize everything Vue has to offer and come up with the best program design.

Who this course is for
Beginners who want to learn how to build Vue 3 projects.
Developers who already know Vue2 and want to learn new features of by Vue 3.
Students who want to develop a deeper understanding of how Vue works.
Developers who need to strengthen their JavaScript foundations.







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