Groove3 Session Guitarist ELECTRICS Explained TUTORiAL

HiDERA | 5 November 2021 | 450 MB
Studio wiz Eli Krantzberg delivers a comprehensive set of Session Guitarist ELECTRICS video tutorials! If you want to learn how to take advantage of all the features and functions available in Session Guitarist ELECTRIC VINTAGE and SUNBURST DELUXE, and use them to generate countless guitar ideas and tones for your next production, this is the course to watch! Eli walks you through the basics before getting into the more advanced features and functions, demonstrating throughout with audio examples. These videos are for new Session Guitarist ELECTRIC VINTAGE and SUNBURST DELUXE users.

Eli welcomes you and then starts at the beginning with an overview of the elements found in this series covering the different Session Guitarist Electrics. Then learn all about playing patterns and melodies and the various parameters involved in each, including the use of key switches to trigger slides, how to employ hammer ons, and much more.

Next, explore the advanced elements of pattern control, such as the use of the impact slider for dynamics and MIDI CC 111 to start playback from different positions within a pattern. Also learn how different pattern types interact with incoming MIDI, the voicing generator, and the Auto Chords function.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll learn about more advanced features to really customize your tracks, such as fret position, fret/amp noise, guitar/amp settings, FX settings, saving your parameters, using automation, and more!

To see exactly what these in-depth Session Guitarist ELECTRIC VINTAGE and SUNBURST DELUXE tutorials show you, and how they’ll make using Session Guitarist to create stellar guitar tracks in no-time fun and easy, see the individual Session Guitarist ELECTRICS video tutorial descriptions on this page. Generate new sounds and create killer riffs for your productions today… Watch “Session Guitarist ELECTRICS Explained®” now!



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